March 11, 2020
Why classic style has to evolve with Esquire magazine’s Nick Sullivan
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Nick Sullivan is synonym with men’s fashion and media heavyweight. Today he is the Creative Director of US Esquire, but his career in media and menswear began more than 25 years ago. It’s enough to mention that he has been a senior editor of Esquire for 16 years. As the current Esquire’s Creative Director, Nick is now responsible for helming the men’s media system through an always evolving landscape and for taking care of the magazine’s tone, storytelling and design. What makes Nick different and unique is his capability to appreciate both classic style and high fashion, both important elements of his career. Nick’s editorial shoots for Esquire are well-known for the way he mixes traditional tailoring with streetwear or couture design, global designers and small independents.

Aleks met Nick during a quick visit to London. He expressed his opinion about where the media system is at, the role of influencers and his personal reasons why classic style has to evolve.

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