February 19, 2020
Mr Porter’s Style Director on the platform’s winning formula
Olie talks to Aleks about his journey through British men’s media
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Mr. Olie Arnold is an essential personality for Mr Porter’s editorial team – and a really nice guy, it has to be said. Olie’s career began by working on FHM at the top of its powers and he is a witness of the media industry’s transition from print to digital, with a remarkable experience in both channels. Today Olie is the Style Director at Mr Porter: he’s responsible for the fashion shoots and platform’s key content, along with the production of editorial campaigns, the management of the fashion department and the celebrities’ styling.

Olie talks to Aleks about his experience within the British men’s media system: from twilight era “lads mag” to the most advanced online retailer. They also discuss some of the reasons that make Mr Porter so successful today, analyse the importance of storytelling for retailers and talk about Olie’s passion for indie brands.

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