Fabric spotlight
We make fabrics of the highest quality, flaunting a bold style and timeless elegance. Synonymous with stylistic revolution since 1796, today Thomas Mason intertwines a strong creative vision with a contemporary and international eccentric taste. Strictly studied in Italy and produced with the most precious materials and avant-garde technology, our fabrics tell stories of pure excellence, combining tradition, elegance and artisanal care and ensuring innovation while remaining iconic.
Giza 45

The finest among the Extra-Long Staple Egyptian cottons, with a long and resistant fibre. Cultivated in a small area in the eastern part of the Nile Delta, this cotton is harvested manually, with an average production of 90 bales per annum. What makes Giza 45 so exceptional is the fineness of its fibres, ideal for creating fabrics of unparalleled quality.

Giza 87

One of the most exclusive cottons in the world, Giza 87 is the brightest version of the Extra-Long Staple Egyptian cottons. It is ideal for the production of exceptionally luminous and brilliant fabrics that do not degrade over time – on the contrary, their softness and freshness will increase wash after wash.


Supima is an Extra-Long Staple cotton renowned for its long and fine white fibres. Cultivated mostly in California, among its identifying characteristics is the absence of fibre pollution due to mechanical harvesting and a remarkable resistance to pilling. Its particularly pure and bright aspect makes it ideal for the production of white fabrics.

Sea Island

The West Indian Sea Island is one of the most ancient, precious and rarest cotton in the world. Mainly cultivated in Jamaica and Barbados, Sea Island cotton features unique characteristics: the remarkable length and strength, the excellent percentage of uniformity and the unique brightness of the fibre. This combination makes it possible to produce incredibly fine, bright and silky fabrics.

Organic Cotton

Extra-Long Staple cotton originating from organic cultivations that do not use chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers and minimise water and energy consumption. The result is an eco-friendly fabric that is hypoallergenic, breathable and comfortable, with a unique stylistic performance.

European Linen

The linen grown in northern Europe is recognised to be the best in the world, thanks to the favourable climatic conditions, appropriate soils and the flax growers’ know-how. Linen is an eco-friendly fibre with excellent characteristics: maximum durability, high moisture absorption capacity, insulating and thermoregulating properties.


Hemp is an herbaceous plant that grows in temperate climates, does not require the use of pesticides and produce no waste. It is used to make one of the most ecological fabrics in the world, with hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermoregulatory properties.


Premium wool coming from Australia and certified mulesing-free, spun with a cutting edge technique to obtain a super-fine yarn of incomparable quality. Our wool gives life to highly performing fabrics: breathable and thermoregulating, comfortable and easy to care for.