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Thomas Mason is a brand of the Italian Albini Group, the largest European manufacturer of shirting fabrics, which today has seven factories, 1,300 employees and an export business in more than 80 countries.


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Thomas Mason - Brand Profile

Unconventionally iconic: we make fabrics of the highest quality, flaunting a bold style and timeless elegance.

Synonymous with stylistic revolution since 1796, today Thomas Mason intertwines a strong creative vision with a contemporary and international eccentric taste. Strictly studied in Italy and produced with the most precious materials and avant-garde technology, our fabrics tell stories of pure excellence, combining tradition, elegance and artisanal care and ensuring innovation while remaining iconic.


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Thomas Mason is a brand of the Italian Albini Group, the largest European manufacturer of shirting fabrics. Thanks to this consolidated reality, Thomas Mason fabrics combine the signature British colours and patterns with cutting edge spinning and weaving technology, whilst giving full respect to the environment and the people involved.

Since more than a decade we have a clear vision on sustainability, oriented at superior and eco-friendly materials, supply chain transparency and social responsability.


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Thomas Mason & HandCut Radio

Thomas Mason is proud to sponsor the Season Three of HandCut Radio – Aleks Cvetkovic’s podcast dedicated to menswear. HandCut Radio explores the world of men’s style and the fashion industry with insiders, aficionados and the most stylish men and women in the business.

This stimulating partnership serves to spread knowledge of the history and uniqueness of Thomas Mason fabrics to an international community of menswear enthusiasts.


  • Press Release: “A story of style since 1796, now also in a podcast dedicated to menswear”, February 2020
  • Images: Aleks Cvetkovic; Thomas Mason fabrics and archives
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