The Luxury Blend
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Thomas Mason, Daniel Levy, and Monsieur Magazine introduce “The Luxury Blend” collection.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the exquisite fabric, Balmoral Lux, meticulously crafted by Thomas Mason. Balmoral is a luxurious blend of cotton and cashmere, skilfully woven to combine the finest attributes of both natural fibres. The fusion of cotton and cashmere results in a fabric that boasts unparalleled softness and warmth reminiscent of cashmere, while retaining the breathability of cotton.

For the Autumn Winter 24-25 season, the collection features three exclusive colours: Glacier, a mesmerizing blue inspired by the Northern Lights, Desert, a versatile beige perfect for everyday wear, and Jungle, a deep and casually chic khaki with military-inspired roots. Each colour tells a distinct story, reflecting the diverse facets of the modern, sophisticated gentleman who values both style and comfort.

French shirt maker Daniel Levy transforms this exceptional fabric into a limited and numbered collection of exquisite bespoke garments. With an eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to perfection, Daniel Levy’s creations showcase the timeless appeal of Balmoral Lux, bringing out the essence of its luxurious blend.

Monsieur Magazine, a publication celebrated for its discerning taste and penchant for all things refined, is proud to be a part of this exclusive collaboration, featuring the collection on its pages and online boutique. Those who are not in Paris can explore “The Luxury Blend” collection on La Boutique de Monsieur and buy fabric cut-lengths to craft a bespoke shirt.

Thomas Mason, Daniel Levy, and Monsieur Magazine has given life to “The Luxury Blend” collection, an exceptional range of limited-edition garments that encapsulate the epitome of elegance, luxury, and timeless style.