The Heritage Collection
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Step into the past with The Heritage Collection, an exclusive limited-edition collection dedicated to fabrics that embody lightness and elegance: Sovereign and Zendaline.

These extraordinary fabrics epitomize the timeless values of Thomas Mason’s rich textile heritage, resulting in a collection that exudes refined sophistication.

The hallmark feature of The Heritage Collection lies in its fabrics’ 90 cm height, a profound homage to tradition and exquisite craftsmanship, and an emblem of Thomas Mason’s legacy.

Sovereign and Zendaline fabrics boast a delightful silky touch, ensuring a tasteful grace and unparalleled refinement. Perfectly suited for bespoke creations, they shine brightly in the realm of double-twisted fabrics, largely owing to their remarkable lightness.

Only five prestigious shirtmakers in the world have received these fabrics to create exclusive shirts. Here is the complete list: Daniel Levy (Paris), Luca Avitabile (Naples), Gino Venturini (Vienna), Camisa D’Ouro (Lisbon), Roberto Ricetti (Brescia).


Indulge in The Heritage Collection and savour a remarkable journey through time, where age-old elegance meets contemporary allure, making every creation a testament to unrivalled artistry and style.