The Cocktail Stripe
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Exclusively for Budd Shirtmakers, Thomas Mason has created Cocktail Stripe, a limited-edition fabric inspired by the Martini, a favourite drink of Matt Hranek, founder of the WM Brown Project. The cloth has been made up into a nightwear collection, created and conceived with a contemporary approach by Matt himself. The collaboration smoothly blends Thomas Mason’s bold style with Budd’s uncompromised craftsmanship and expertise. Just like the perfection of an olive in your Martini.

The Cocktail Stripe Collection has been woven in Italy by Thomas Mason. It has a 120/2 warp and a 70/1 weft quality, a luminous appearance, a soft, full-bodied touch and offers up superior comfort and elegance.

The perfect outfits for the nightcap, the nightwear collection made with Thomas Mason’s Cocktail Stripe fabric includes pyjamas, nightshirts and dressing gowns.

The garments are the archetype of relaxation and style: nightwear turns into a jet-set outfit, to show off on social occasions like a tailored suit. Because it’s the right attitude that makes a gentleman.

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