Autumn/Winter 2024-25 collection
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His Excellency the Tartan’, a pattern which has never lost its appeal over time, combined with the world’s finest raw materials, inspire the Autumn/Winter 2024-25 collection of Thomas Mason.

Tartan Heritage – the vitality of an age-old weave being reinterpreted and actualized today.

Tartan fabrics, which the clans of the Scottish Highlands used to distinguish themselves, is today update by Thomas Mason thanks to his skill in combining colours, resulting in fabrics with surprising vibrancy in shades of yellow, red and green or sophisticated patterns on off-white bases. A wide variety of tartans designed on different weights, ranging from flannels to classic shirting cloths, in cotton, wool and cashmere.

Tailoring Lexicon – the dictionary of sartorial fashion, which includes the world’s noblest cotton fibres.

Extraordinary raw materials, such as Sea Island – one of the world’s oldest and rarest cotton varieties – and Giza 87 – perfect for creating brilliant whites, also due to the innovative ultra enzymatic finishing that bestows the touch with nobility – give life to fabrics with very fine counts and classic, elegant patterns.

British Country – the appeal of the rustic and charming moods of the English countryside.

Thomas Mason takes inspiration from hunting trips and outings in the British countryside to create boldly styled fabrics. Checks in warm, autumn colours, such as green, sand and brown, are interpreted on fabrics with a soft, luxurious touch in cotton and wool. Fabrics that add a touch of sophistication and tradition to a contemporary gentleman’s wardrobe.

Iconic Stripes – a timeless icon always in evolution.

Thomas Mason’s stripes are one of the brand’s timeless must-haves and have been upgraded with new colours for this season, ranging from bright and pastel to dusty nuances. Sorbet hues, flirting with summer, will give a cool, carefree touch to refined winter shirts. With their craftsmanship and sophisticated design, Thomas Mason’s stripes are versatile and trendy, perfect for any occasion.