Autumn Winter 2023-24
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A journey through the wardrobe of a modern Jay Gatsby, a treasure trove of wonders containing the best in shirting: garments made from the world’s finest raw materials, a tribute to style, sophistication and glamour. This is the inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2023-24 collection by Thomas Mason.

The countryside getaway

A day spent in the landscapes of the British countryside has given life to nuanced, contemporary fabrics in warm, autumnal colours such as mud, moss green and brown, developed on soft tartan flannels and crisscrossed with loud accents of yellow, acid green, fuchsia and purple.


Meet&Greet lifestyle

The perfect shirt for the travelling businessman attending a formal event or simply wanting to be impeccable from morning to evening.

It is precisely to him that the Anti-Crease Formula + fabrics are dedicated, featuring the highest quality together with comfort, for perfect, crease-resistant shirts, owing to a special finishing.