Aliseo Victoria Denim
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Made with the most precious materials and avant-garde technology, Thomas Mason fabrics tell stories of pure excellence, combining tradition, elegance, and artisanal care since 1876.

The new Aliseo Victoria Denim limited edition collection features selvedge denim fabrics, in different shades of blue and black colours, made from the finest West Indian Sea Island cotton.

Aliseo Victoria Denim fabrics are handcrafted in Italy with shuttle looms from the 50s. Shuttle looms allow us to take care of the quality down to the smallest detail and to create denim fabrics with the characteristic selvedge, synonymous with tradition and value.

Moreover, these fabrics are made with West Indian Sea Island cotton, one of the most ancient, rare and precious cotton all over the world, coming from Barbados and Jamaica. Sea Island stands out from all other cotton species thanks to the remarkable staple length, high resistance and uniformity of its fiber.

Only 15 prestigious shirtmakers in the world have received 50 meters of fabrics, suitable to create 25 exclusive shirts. Here is the complete list:

Anto Shirts (Beverly Hills), Ascot Chang (Hong Kong), Atelier Fasan (Berlin), Cad & The Dandy (London), CYC (Singapore), Daniel Lévy (Paris), Fayad & Co. (Miami), Galamb Tailoring (Budapest) , Hamilton (Houston), Hvidberg (Copenhagen), Luca Avitabile (Naples), Sartoria Messori (Modena), Taji (Istanbul), Tomorrowland (Japan), and Zeolla (Turin).

The versatility of denim meets the preciousness of a rare cotton in the Aliseo Victoria Denim collection by Thomas Mason Bespoke.