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Shirts for Sophisticated Home-Working
By Aleks Cvetkovic
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“How do you create a shirt fabric that’s tailored to home working?” I hear you ask, incredulously. The answer is simple: use Thomas Mason’s Jersey collection. This sophisticated range of pure cotton fabrics features a highly technical treatment that allows for natural cotton fibres with high yarn-counts to stretch subtly in every direction – not too much, mind. Just enough for a truly comfortable fit. Think the smartness of a tailored shirt, meets the comfort-factor a casual tee and you’re there.


To this end, these pure cotton fabrics are entirely free of synthetic fibres (no elastane anywhere to be found) and come in several different qualities. Flore and Alysson are both firm favourites; the former is available in a number of two-colour melanges, ranging from white to midnight blue. It features a pronounced weave that lends it a subtle texture and a sporty feel – perfect for tailored polo shirts, or polo shirts finished with formal shirt collars to wear beneath sports jackets. Alysson has a finer weave and subtle texture, which makes it a little smarter – suited to shirts you’d consider wearing with a suit, or into the office.

Try a shirt in one or two different jersey fabrics, and they’ll feel like a second skin. If in doubt, start with a sky blue button-down polo and wear with a few nice pairs of beige or olive green chinos. You’ll feel smart enough to be productive, but relaxed enough to grab some fresh air or walk to a nearby café on your lunch break. Once you’ve settled into a sky blue shirt, experiment with other subtle tones; soft white and royal blue are favourites of mine and each will work comfortably with classic chinos or smart jeans.


Of course, there are many approaches to dressing for home working and different solutions will suit different individuals. Given you’re here, reading this, I’d presuppose that you’re into your clothes and will have avoided the menace of sweatpants and scruffy T-shirts over the past two years. This is encouraging, because research suggests that there’s a psychological correlation between your productivity at home, and your working-from-home wardrobe. Apparently, those of us who’ve maintained a business-casual wardrobe while sat at our kitchen tables have on average been more productive of the past two years. Proof, by the way, that clothes can have a measurable impact on your mood and frame of mind.

Beyond a few jersey shirts, the other work-from-home staple to add to your wardrobe (if you haven’t already), is something cut in Thomas Mason’s long-standing Victoria denim. Countless shirtmakers have applauded Victoria Denim’s virtues in the Cut From the Right Cloth series, but let’s recap briefly. This handsome denim shirting comes in various different weights, washes and weaves, and is well-suited to shirts with soft rolling collars and button cuffs. It softens and fades beautifully over time, taking on its own character, much like a beloved pair of jeans. In a classic cut, Victoria Denim shirts will look as sharp on a conference call as they will on your commute and back.


The beauty of all these shirts of course is their versatility. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t treat these as true everyday shirts, and wear them as much to the office as you do to work from home. The jersey fabrics are so comfortable you probably won’t want to wear anything else, anyway. The same applies to Victoria Denim, with its go-anywhere, do-anything style credentials, it’ll be as easy to wear on your commute as it will sat at dinner with friends after work. So, to quote an age-old line at you, working from is no excuse for standards to slip. In fact it’s an excellent excuse to try something new.


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